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Whether it’s a part-time job or a long-term career, Krystal has 80+ years of history as a great place to work.  With over 350 locations, there are many opportunities for success!


We Celebrate Individuality.

It’s all about growing the Krystal family. The opportunity to promote from within is what we believe in. At Krystal, we pride ourselves on being different. It’s what makes us successful, and we believe it’s what makes those who work here successful too. Take a look at just a few of the individuals who’ve made the most of their experience at Krystal, and we’re sure you’ll agree.

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Mike Huling - Atlanta Market Leader - Success Story

In 1979, as a senior in High School, Mike Huling started with Krystal as a summer job. On the first day, he worked the fry station. On the second day, he was moved to fried chicken. And from there, Mike’s career would continue to grow.

When he left home to attend Clayton State College, Mike worked as a part-time shift leader to help pay his way. Then, love set in. After graduation in 1982, Mike became an assistant manager in the Atlanta area. In 1983, he was promoted to general manager and opened a brand new Krystal of his own.

1985 saw Mike promoted into a role within the Krystal corporation, where he was nationally certified in food safety and served a vital role training others in the same. Then, in 1997, he was made a Market Leader, where he continues to enjoy a prosperous career. Today, Mike oversees our Krystal Cruiser operations, helping us reach out to those in need.

From fry cook to Market Leader and on to the rank of Krystal Cruiser Captain, Mike has embodied the perseverance, professionalism and commitment to excellence Krystal seeks in every employee. And he’s enjoyed his fair share of success along the way.

Stan Dorsey - Executive Chef - Success Story

When Stan Dorsey graduated from the University of Georgia in 1977, he wanted to begin his business career by specializing in something he loved: food.  As manager of a local Krystal, Stan demonstrated a knack for innovation and leadership. Three years later, when an opportunity in the Research and Development department opened up, Stan began his groundbreaking tenure in the corporate office.

Throughout his 15-year reign as head of the R+D department, Stan reinvigorated the Krystal experience by introducing all-time Krystal classics like the Sunriser and the Original Chik to hungry guests nationwide. While clear winners in their own right, this success was dwarfed by his favorite creation: the Chili Cheese Pup, which he describes as a “religious experience”.

His achievements at Krystal made Stan a hot commodity in restaurant industry. Leaving Krystal in 1991, he traveled the world as the head of International R+D for Popeye’s and Church’s Chicken. During this time, Stan absorbed as much as he could about international culinary culture, completed his Culinary Degree and became a certified chef. And, while his journeys took him to every continent except Antarctica, his last stop would be a familiar one.

In April of 2013 Stan returned to Krystal to start an exciting new era for the company as the VP of Culinary Strategy and Executive Chef. He is already hard at work at several new menu items that he hopes will have our guests singing Hallelujah in the coming months.

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